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                                                               DARREN POWELL

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A rare opportunity exists to ride with 7 times world speed snowboard
champ Darren Powell. Have the worlds fastest snowboarder as your own 
personal adventure guide as you challenge any mountain, anywhere!
With over 16 years experience as a fully certified professional, coach & instructor... you'll certainly improve skills, ability and agility with Darren.

Darren shreds every mountain with inspiring style, class and power. Embracing all skill levels, he works every client's potential to the limit. International racing led Darren through American and Alaskan mountains annually for years. For the last 16 years, Europe (Austria) has been home for 6 months of the year, so Darren's knowledge of the many European and American resorts and mountains is extensive.

Darren's priorities, magnetic energy and committment to the profession of snowboarding means he'll travel "anywhere in the world at any time" to ride!

 7 x World Championship Speed Snowboarding.
 3 x World Record Speed Snowboarding.
      1996:     188km/h
      1997:     196 km/h
      1999:     201.9 km/h (126.4m.p.h) Les Arcs, France.

2006 marks the 10th anniversary of his reign as 

                                     YOU'RE IN GOOD HANDS
                                                            Darren's love of the snowboarding profession and it's 
                                                            development means he's coached dozens of budding young 
                                                            hopefuls in world championship events around the world. 
                                                            Darren's success with junior talent culminated with one talented 
                                                            unknown becoming overall Junior World Champion. 
                                                            International celebrities and surfers have also hired Darren 
                                                            to share his wealth of knowledge on many European and 
                                                            Australian mountains.        

                                                            Darren's long standing committment to professionalism and the 
                                                            sport of snowboarding means you're assured of the holiday of a 
                                                            lifetime. His expertise is world class, so reach for the stars and
                                                            choose Darren Powell as your own personal adventure guide, 
                                                            instructor or just riding partner.

                                                           Speed has been Darren's vehicle to all aspects of snowboarding, 
                                                           but DON'T BE AFRAID.... YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GO FAST, 
                                                           it's for "anyone who wants an adventure."      

                                                            Any mountain, anywhere...ANYTIME!  NOW LET'S RIDE!


                          To book your next alpine adventure with the worlds #1, 
                                                                         please email or phone
                          [email protected]
                                             0011 612 6456 5002 

             ... or if you're in the Snowy Mountains, drop by the hotel for a visit ...               +61 (2) 6456 5023